Castaway Kid by r.b. mitchell

Teens Respond to Castaway Kid

“Couldn’t put it down, your open-ended questions really made me think.”

“Many chapter endings were dramatic cliff hangers. I experienced the struggles with you, loved the romantic stuff with your future wife, laughed out loud as I related to being a dork with girls.”

“This wasn’t just hope for kids like you but for all of us.”

“It is an incredible story, amazing adventures, loved Africa and detail.”

“Fresh. Unlike IT this ends happy.”

“Really liked how you got me inside your head, appreciated being with you in the struggle to forgive and the fact that you didn’t make what is really hard seem as if it’s easy.”

“It is unlike any book I have ever read!”

“I have never before felt so many different emotions reading one book.” —12th graders

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Teachers are often encouraged to make sure other voices and cultures are part of the curriculum. The true voice of an abandoned kid who was one of the last “lifers” in an American orphanage might qualify as a different voice and culture and be an interesting exercise of contrast with other books of teenage angst.

Here’s what a 25-year veteran high school English teacher had to say about this story after her seven, 12th grade classes read a draft copy of Castaway Kid:  “This is an amazing work of contemporary literature that explores universal themes of loneliness, rejection, anger, bitterness, and the need for forgiveness. I was surprised by the wide range of different responses and especially how honestly the boys responded and became fully engaged.” Mrs. D. Hoots, Weslyan Academy, High Point, NC. 

Listen to Mrs. Hoots discuss Castaway Kid:
3.5 minutes -- 25-year High School English teacher responds to the book: Castaway Kid

You may also view a video of Mrs. Hoots as she discusses the book by clicking here.

Click here to read how 12th grade students actually helped edit Castaway Kid!

If you’re an educator in English, literature, sociology, psychology, or juvenile justice, I hope you’ll consider using this true story as an optional reading assignment. I stand side-by-side with you in trying to help students become all they can be.

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This true story encompasses teenage angst and despair while offering hope to youths struggling to rise above their childhoods. Yet it also contains some of the adventure and romance teens long for. Many readers have said that the fast pace and cliff hanging chapters involved them so intensely they were often carried into deep emotional waters without having time to raise their defenses. Click here to read how 12th grade students actually helped edit Castaway Kid! 

Click here to watch teens discuss their reactions to Castaway Kid.

Youth Services / Youth Ministries:   With planning, available as speaker or by speaker phone to discuss the book with youth groups and small groups. Click here for author as speaker.

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