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"Mitchell's story is inspiring both for its spiritual dimension and its conventional Horatio Alger narrative."   Publishers Weekly, 4/9/2007


“The moment I read the first page, I was crying I couldn't put the book down. . . I am deeply humbled by this story. I hope it will change the lives of millions of people.It has mine.”

Brian Littrell , Recording Artist, Member of the Backstreet Boys

 This is a great book that reminds me personally of God’s love. I cried real tears reading this, it is a must read. 

--Dave Ramsey, New York Times Best Selling Author, The Total Money Makeover

Before you sit down to read Castaway Kid by Rob Mitchell, I would suggest that you obtain a box of tissues. This compelling story grabs from the first page and helps you to understand what real loneliness and rejection feel like. More importantly it puts into perspective the most important things in life, such as a relationship with God. This is a splendid example of how the hand of God can heal all wounds and boost us toward the goal of realizing our innate potential. When you finish this book, you will be ready to put down the tissue and pick up your conqueror’s helmet.”  

--Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and author of Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story 

This is a remarkable work of contemporary literature that quickly gets inside the readers’ head then heart. The book starts out as a little boy’s struggle with abandonment but quickly becomes the readers’ own struggle with universal themes of loneliness, fear, rejection, anger, bitterness and how to forgive others and ourselves.

--Dottie Hoots, English educator, Wesleyan Academy, High Point, NC 

“A powerful, compelling message that points to the unimaginable grace of our Heavenly Father.”

--Dan T. Cathy, President and COO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

 “In an era espousing “self esteem,” Rob Mitchell points out with actual experience how badly all of us need God’s help in our lives and endeavors. An important read!”  

--Ben Edwards, Retired Chairman, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. 

Castaway Kid is an emotionally engaging, thought provoking, and spiritually uplifting story that follows a child's journey from abandonment at an orphanage, through childhood, and into maturity. It explores the power of unconditional love and the process of forgiveness that allows hope to enter into even the most extreme life struggles.

Woven into the tapestry of this life are three love stories—the unconditional and constant love of an impoverished grandmother, the caring and gentle love of a no-nonsense dorm mother, and eventually the love of a southern belle who disregards the young man's past and brings him into their future.

The fast pace and cliff hanging chapters often carry the reader into deep emotional waters without giving them time to raise their defenses. Common comments are “It is unlike any book I have ever read” and “I have never before felt so many different emotions reading one story.”

Few can relate to the circumstances of growing up in an orphanage, but numerous women, men, and teenagers with whom the author has shared his story have told how they have experienced similar emotional issues in their own lives. All seem to relate to times when they have felt angry, deceived, frustrated, lonely, unloved, unwanted, and sometimes overwhelmed by other people’s actions. They also seem to express a near-universal longing for assurance that even in the most distressing circumstances we can find hope as we search for the purpose and meaning of our lives.

Castaway Kid is a book that offers such hope. Not only does it need to be read, Castaway Kid should also be given as a gift to others who need to know that, no matter how severe, the pains of the past and present don't have to determine the path of the future

-- Barbara Winslow Robidoux, Freelance book reviewer

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She wanted to read your book before she diedMy wife had terminal cancer, in the hospital, knowing she would not come out alive. She rallied somewhat for about a week and when she did she said she wanted to read Castaway Kid before she died.

She finished it and said somehow it gave her Hope, even knowing soon she would be saying good bye to me, her husband of 30+ years and our 3 teenage kids.

I really don't know what to say to you. Like so many others have posted, "Thank you" seems woefully insufficient but as hard as your story is, it IS also a book of Hope and your book helped my wife die in peace.

I will never forget the Castaway Kid
United States

Margaret JohnsonAfter running out of books to read during the COVID-19 season, I scoured our bookshelves to see if I could find just one book I hadn't read - and found Castaway Kid.

I have no idea how this book came into our home - or when, but was astonished to read the
acknowledgements included Jan and Bob Thornbloom. Bob passed away last month and Jan pre-deceased him last year.

I knew about Covenant Children's Home, but had never read anything personal about it.

I have spoken enthusiastically about the book to many friends (including one of the Thornbloom's daughters). And just today I sent the following quote from your book to friends since I found it to be one that should be shared over and over again.

...Judgment is getting what we deserve
…Mercy is not getting what we deserve
…Grace is getting more than we deserve

Thank you for sharing your life experience with all
United States

Wendy WheelerGood afternoon, Rob. Several years ago you came to our children's home, Liga de Vida Nueva, in Guatemala.

You had a tremendous impact on not only the kids but also the staff.

At that time, we were able to get a few copies of your book in Spanish. Now, we need some more! How can I buy them?

Thank you and God bless you!

I was on suicide watchI read this book while on suicide watch.

I’m not a Christian but this book was the best book in my whole array of books that I was given to read while in the Intensive Care Unit.

It was good and it’s going to be forever special to me. Angelica
United States

Dropping a tearWe are reading this book for my bachelor class oh brother it is so touching I fine myself getting ready to drop a tear.It is heart warming story and yes i can't put the book down thanks for sharing a powerful story.United States

I can relateI relate to this book so much! I have had some of the worst past and at times I fell like the world rejects me for what I was because of my parents, the drugs,gangs, abuse, guns, and so much more. I’m glad there’s others that I can relate to. And to be honest if this was made into a movie I would love, and I mean it I would love to be in it. 🙏🏼 Thank youUnited States

I cried real tearsI live in a youth shelter in the moutanins of Heredia,

Although I am a staff son, I was deepty touched by this book. I cried real tears reading this book, I can see how many of the kids in the shelter can easily identify themselves with Rob,

This book was donated to us, in the Spanish version, it was called "Solo" which translates "Alone".

It was sitting there for a while , but I felt tempted to read it, once I started I couldnt stop readying it, I'll make sure that every young man in our house read it.

I absolutly love this testimony and feel inspired by it. If you ever come to Costa Rica as a speaker or for any reason, and need help, please contact me, I will translate for you. Your book has been a blessing to our adolecent home. May the Lord continue to bless this ministry
Costa Rica

Thank Youoh my goodness this book is such a inspiration and really gives a account on what some kids go through that never have a real place to call home.

Thank you for being so willing to write about your life and share about your past and how you overcame that.
United States

Teacher in BelizeMy 10 year old daughter and I got a copy of the book and we cried on the first chapters.

We loved the book since it is a story of hope amidst the many difficulties of life.

It shows how God can restore and bring meaning to one’s life.

Now i hope to share this book with my students.

Australian RetireeWhew, you surely have impacted us. My sister and I heard you a few years ago on Focus and were very moved.

Since then my sis found your book in a charity shop, swooped on it with joy and shared it with me as well.

I've just last night completed reading it...and, yes, with tears and tissues.

We haven't had the privilege of coming to God through so much pain in order to minister to others but we care and share using the tools other ministries offer.

Thanks so much for having the 'Guts' to talk/write your experiences & thinking. Praise God He reaches us through thick and thin.

I'm telling all my friends- evangelists and teachers at heart- about your book and looking for more copies.

God bless as you continue to seek Him & His strength, and share His grace daily.


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